Meat Trade and Related Operations

The three abattoirs at Carnarvon, Calvinia and Upington handles the slaughter and sales of lamb and beef carcasses. SA Dorper handles the processing and export of dorper skins and the processing of cattle hides.

Weekly Meat prices

Beef – and lamb prices

Meat prices – RSAMeat prices – Namibia


Beef- and sheepchart

Slaughter prices are guaranteed weekly. Classification and health inspections are done by an independent company namely IMQAS. Carcasses are marketed mainly in the metros of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

All producers are kindly invited to attend the slaughter of their livestock and questions will be answered by the classifier and health inspector.

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For bookings of slaughters or any inquiries, contact:
Charl Joubert +27 (0) 54 337 7514

Upington Abattoir, delivery times:
Mondays – Thursdays 06:30 – 21:30
Sundays 14:00 – 20:00
No animals will be received or slaughtered after 09:00 on Fridays.


Regular auctions of livestock, loose goods and sales take place. Trained KLK marketers handles liaison services and livestock classifications. KLK has 4500 stand capacity sheep feedlot to get animals ready for market.

Auctions and Liaison services

Commercial auctions of small and large stock, stud stock auctions, loose goods and general sales are offered continuously throughout the year. Regular calendar auctions are held in Upington, Kuruman, Olifantshoek, Postmasburg and Vanzylrus.

Liaison services for breeding and slaughter cattle as well as classification of animals are handled by an expert team of marketing officers.

Classification of ewes and assistance with the purchase of rams can be arranged with the marketing officer or technical adviser in your area.

KLK is the only organization that handles karakul furs in South Africa. Two fur auctions are held per year in Copenhagen Denmark. Furs are collected in Upington and sent to the fur center in Windhoek where they are sorted and shipped to Denmark.



KLK operates abattoirs in Upington, Calvinia and Carnarvon where small stock and large stock (Upington) can be slaughtered. A premium is paid for carcasses that meets the requirements of a niche market lamb.



A well-equipped sheep feedlot with a 6500 standing capacity is at the producer`s disposal to get animals ready for market.